Moshtaghieh Domes, Kerman
Moshtaghieh Domes, Kerman
Moshtaghieh Domes, Kerman
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The Moshtaghieh dome, also known as the Three Domes, is one of the monuments from the Qajar dynasty in Kerman, which was located in the vicinity of the old cemetery and outside of the old city limits. There are three domes in the Moshtaghieh complex, which in fact, each of these domes belongs to a tomb. Two domes with tile decoration, one of them belong to Moshtaq Ali Shah’s tomb and the other belong to the Kosar Ali Shah Hamedani’s tomb and the brick dome in this complex belongs to the Sheikh Ismael Herati. Of course, the tiles of the two domes have not existed since the beginning of the construction of the doms, and they were installed in subsequent periods, but the brick dome has been similar since the beginning of construction in Qajar period. The Moshtaghieh dome has been embellished with eye-catching tiling, paintings, traditional plaster elements and Fine Muqarnas in the last century. In addition to these three domes, The Moshtaghieh complex has a mosque and a porch and there are two rooms where some Sufi elders are buried there.

Moshtagh Ali Shah was one of the distinguished Sufis of the thirteenth century AH. Due to the great passion about Persian traditional music, he mastered the Star playing skills from Darvish Taghi and achieve a great success in this regard. It is interesting to know that the fourth wire of Setar (An Iranian musical instrument), which is known as the Moshtagh wire, is the innovation of the Moshtagh Ali Shah.

Moshtagh Ali Shah rose to fame, not only because of his musical skills, but also the main reason was acquainted with the great Sufism in his youth that changed his life. He influenced many people during his stay in Kerman, in such a way that his disciples increased every day. Therefore, the opponents of Sufism, who saw the Sufism boom in Kerman, they conspire against him and spread rumors about that he insulted the recitation of the Qur’an by playing Setar. Finally, Moshtagh was arrested and stoned in in 1206 Hijri. His body was buried beside the tomb of Mirza Hussain Khan which is now known as Moshtaghieh Dome or Three Domes, the shrine for the mystics, in Kerman.

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