Yazd Tourist Attractions : Alexander's Prison


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Attraction Type Old School
Chronology 15th Century
Historic Era  
Closed on -
 Visiting Hours 7:30-17:00
 Entrance Fee 3,000 Rials

This 15th-century domed school is known as Alexander's Prison because of a reference to this apparently dastardly place in a Hafez poem.

The story goes that during the reign of Alexander the Macedonian,a number of Iranian elite resisting his domination went on an uprising in Rey ( Near Tehran). He had them arrested, and on his way through Yazd imprisoned them in a dungeon which refers to a deep well in the courtyard of this building.

There is a display of Yazd old city inside.

The nearby 11th-Century brick Tomb of the 12 Imeams is almost next door.
The inscriptions inside boast the names of each of the Shiite Imams, none of whom are buried here.

Address : Off Masjed-e Jameh St., Imam Khomeini Ave.







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