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Attraction Type Historical City
Chronology from ancient time
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Rey is a historical part of Tehran province. From 5,000 BC to 1200 AD, Rey was an important city. The ancient walls includes the relics from Achaemenian, Parthian, Sassanian, and Islamic Period (specifically Seljuk) which distinguish between the modern town and the mountainside. In the center of town is the bazaar with lots of activity.

Rey is the source for early Islamic pottery. Rey was destroyed by the Mongols in 1220 AD.

Holy Shrine of Imamzadeh Shah-e Abdol- Azim, a descendent of Imam Hassan (the second saint in Shiite Islam) who was martyred in the 9th century AD is in Rey. Also, Shrine of Imamzadeh Hamzeh (brother of Imam Reza, eight saint in Shiite Islam and Imamzadeh Tahir are here as well. This is a pilgrimage site. The complex Includes detailed tileworks with inscriptions from the 14th century, a tall portal decorated with mirrors from the 19th century, a golden dome, two tile minarets, a mosque, and a few courtyards.

Another interesting place for tourists in Rey is Cheshmeh Ali (Ali Spring) which is famous for the flowing water primarily used for carpet washing. After people wash their carpets in the running water, then the carpet is laid out to dry on the large rock. Nasser od-Din Shah Ghajar followed the custom of the Sassanian Dynasty making carvings in the rock representing him.








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