Shiraz Tourist Attractions : Shah Cheragh Mausoleum


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Attraction Type Shrine
Chronology 14th Century
Historic Era -
Closed on -
 Visiting Hours -
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Also known as the Shrine of the lord of the light.
The remains of Sayyed Mir Ahmad (a brother of Imam Reza) who died in Shiraz in AD835 are houses at this famous Mausoleum.

A mausoleum was first erected over the grave in the mid 14th century and it has been an important Shiite place of pilgrimage ever since.

The expansive courtyard is a great to sit and discreetly observe the moving climax to what is an important religious rite for Shiites.

The multicoloured reflections from the countless minute mirror tiles inside the shrine are quite dazzling and the golden topped minarets above it are superb.

Hidden away in the northwestern corner fo the courtyard is a small museum which houses a few old Qurans.

At the southeastern corner of the courtyard is the Mausoleum of Sayyed Mir Mohammed. It was built for the brother of Mir Ahmad, who also died in Shiraz. The shrine has intricate mirror tiling and some inscriptions in the dome, but it is less interesting than the Shah Cheragh mausoleum.

Address : Ahmadi Sq.







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