Shiraz Tourist Attractions : Naghsh-e-Rajab


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Attraction Type Ancient City
Chronology 3rd Centuries BC
Historic Era


Closed on -
 Visiting Hours 08:30-17:00
 Entrance Fee 5,000 Rials

At Naghsh-e Rajab you will see 3 large carvings. On the right you will find an equestrian scene and to the left a relief of Shapur surrounded by his generals. Look for Greek inscription on the chest of Shapur's horse relating to his ancestry and him as an emperor of the Aryans.

The most important part of this site is the carving of the high Zoroastrian priest Karter, Mobad-e Mobadan (Priest of Priests) under three Sassanian emperors: Shapur, Bahram I and II. He was responsible for setting up a religious state under the Sassanian. The inscriptions relate the events in his life, his rise through the clerical hierarchy and his attacks on heretic religions. He is the only non-royal person appearing on a carving.

There is also a scene of Shapur with an angel. 300 m (990 ft) south across the highway you can see what remains of a foundation for a tower similar to the Ka' be Zardusht (Kabba of Zoroaster) at Naghsh-e Rostam.

Address : 70 km. northeast of Shiraz






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