Shiraz Tourist Attractions : Narenjestan-e Ghavam


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Attraction Type Historical Building
Chronology 19th Century
Historic Era Qajar
Closed on -
 Visiting Hours 08:00-17:00
 Entrance Fee 30,000 Rials

Ghavam Orange Garden is a smaller rival to Eram Garden and has beautiful buildings inside.
Built 1879-1886, was the home of Governor's Court of Fars during the Ghajar period.
Designed and used as the Birooni (Exterior: to receive people outside of the family circle).
Also, the complex includes Zinat al Mulk house which was designed and used as andarooni (Interior : the home for only the close family).
The complex also consists of a private bath house, a public bath house, and Hoseinieh (religious ceremony building).
Andarooni and Birooni buildings were connected together by an underground passage way.
This complex Significantly represent Iranian Architecture during Ghajar period.
Between 1969-1979, Asian Institute used Naranjestan under famous American Archeologist Arthur Upham Pope.
Since 1998, the complex is used by the faculty of Art and Architecture of Shiraz University.

Address : Dastgheib St.







Designed by Hamid R. Tavassoli