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Chronology from 4th Century
Historic Era from Sassanid
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Dating from at least as far as Sassanian period, the city was a staging post on the trade routes between India , the Persian Gulf and Europe.
Visitors included Marco Polo and countless others who where awestruck by the city's 38 towers, huge mud walls and fairly-tale citadel.

Bam has numerous buildings from different historical times. The original city of Bam and Arg Bam were founded in the Sassanian Period (224-651.

The citadel was comprised of the Governer's residance, dungeons and the residence of the Garrison's commander which provides a very good view of the city.

On December 26, 2003, the city of Bam was hit by a 6.4 earthquake. at least 26,000 people died, thousands more homeless and children were orphaned. The devastating earthquake caused this glorious citadel, one of UNESCO world heritages sites, to get a serious damage.

The citadel is now under initial phases of restoration and there are some wooden ramps provided to lead interested visitors to see the remains.

Address : 200 km. South East of Kerman







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