Isfahan Tourist Attractions : Imam Square - (Naghsh-e-Jahan)


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I M A M  S Q U A R E

Attraction Type Mosque
Chronology Early 17th Century
Historic Era Safavid
Closed on -
 Visiting Hours Round the clock
 Entrance Fee  5,000 Rials

Also known as Naghsh-i Jahan (World Portrait) Square, situated at the center of Isfahan city, is one of the  largest city squares in the world.

It is an important historical site and one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. The square is surrounded by important historical buildings from the Safavid era. The Imam Mosque is situated on the south side of this square. On the west side you can find Ali Qapu Palace. Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque is situated on the eastern side of this square and you can get into Isfahan Grand Bazaar at the northern side. Today, Isfahan Friday Prayer is held in this square in front of the Shah Mosque.

The square covers an area of 82,500 sq. meters and was used for parades, military reviews, polo games and festivals during Safavid era.

There are dozens of shops arranges in the inner perimeter of the square and in the galleries situated behind the facades on 4 sides of the square.







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