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  The New York Times : At the top of the agenda of Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani, is fixing the country’s crumbling economy, and promoting international tourism is part of his solution (more)

Standard Tours  
Join our every week Standard Tours to Iran or tailor your trip to Iran with a variety of our other offers or personal programs. All you need for joining these programs is being in Tehran on the tour's departure date. We have tried our best to meet any budget, desire and time situations. You won't find this price and service quality anywhere else in Iran. We run them every week!

Highlights of Iran 8 Days
Tehran Shiraz Isfahan Tehran
1N 80 min. 2N 40 min. 2N 40 min. 2Nm.
Dep. : Saturdays from EUR855.00

Iran at a Glance 8 Days
Tehran Shiraz Isfahan Tehran
1N 80 min. 2N 490 km. 2N 420 km. 2N
Dep. : Tuesdays from EUR855.00

Persian Explorer 10 Days
Tehran Yazd Shiraz Isfahan Tehran
1D 80 min. 2N 450 km. 2N 490 km. 2N 420 km. 3N
Dep. : Saturdays from EUR1080.00

Persia in Depth compact 12 Days
Tehran Kerman Yazd Shiraz Isfahan Tehran
1D 90 min. 2N 360 km. 2N 450 km. 2N 490km. 2N 420 km. 3N
Dep. : Tuesdays from EUR1270.00

Persia in Depth light 15 Days
Tehran Kashan Yazd Kerman Shiraz Isfahan Tehran
1N 220 km. 1N 375 km. 2N 350 km. 2N 570 km. 3N 490 km. 3N 420 km. 2N
Dep. : Saturdays from EUR1555.00

Iran Tour Packages by IranianTours : Whether you are looking for getting familiar with the Iranian culture and civilization or for new experiences from a unique destination, our variety of Iran tours are your perfect choice.
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 Highlights of Iran (8 days)  Tehran City Tours  Ski Tours
 Iran at a Glance (8 days)  Isfahan City Tour  Mountaineering
 Persian Explorer (10 days)  Shiraz City Tour  Diving
 Persia in Depth compact (12 days)  Persepolis & Pasargadae Excursion (from Shiraz)  Trekking
 Persia in Depth light (15 days)  Kerman City Tour  Desert Explorer
 Short Tours &  Extensions (from Tehran)  Mahan & Rayen Excursion (from Kerman)  Hunting Tours
 Ecbatana (3 days)  Isfahan (1-3 days)  Yazd City Tour  Nomadic Tours
 Caspian (3 days)  Shiraz (1-3 days)  Mashad City Tour  
 Azarbaijan (3 days)  Kerman (1-3 days)    
 Mashad (1-3 days)  Yazd (1-3 days)    
 Susa (1 day)  Kashan (1/2 day)    
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